Saraksts ar grāmatām, kuras pēc pieprasījuma var būt pieejamas arī tev. Noteikumi grāmatu izmantošanai:
1) seko Briebera FB lapai
2) Dalies ar Briebera FB lapas pašu pēdējo ierakstu savā taimlainā (jeb laika joslā)
3) Sūti man ziņu FB Briebera. Sewing for my era, lai vienotos par piemērotāko laiku darbam ar grāmatām, kā arī sarakstu ar to grāmatu nosaukumiem, kuras vēlēsies izmantot. 
Here is the list of books that are available for you to use upon request. Rules for using the library:
1) follow the Briebera FB page
2) Share the latest post from the Briebera FB page to your timeline
3) Send me a message on Briebera. Sewing for my era to set a time and day to work with the books as well as the list of books that you will need. 

19th C. Fashion in Detail, Lucy Johnston, ISBN: 978-1-851-77572-9

A Dictionary Of Costume And Fashion. Historic and Modern, Mary Brooks Picken, ISBN; 978-0-486-40294-9

Advanced Style. Older & Wiser, Ari Seth Cohen, ISBN: 978-1-57687-797-5

Bead Embroidery. Stitch Samples, Motifs, Crk Design & Yasuko Endo, ISBN: 978-1-62033-610-6-51799

Burdastyle Sewing Handbook, Nora Abousteit & Alison Kelly, ISBN: 978-0-307-58674-2

Classic Fashion Patterns of The 20th C., Anne Tyrrell, ISBN: 978-0-89676-263-3

Classic French Fashion of the Twenties, ISBN: 978-0-486-48943-8

Classic Tailoring Techniques For Menswear, Roberto Cabrera & Denis Antoine, ISBN: 978-1-62892-170-0

Color. A Natural History Of The Palette, Victoria Finlay, ISBN: 978-0-8129-7142-2

Colour Confidence in Embroidery, Trish Burr, ISBN: 978-1-86351-426-2

Complete Guide To Sewing, Reader’s Digest, ISBN: 0-89577-026-1

Corsets. A Modern Guide, Velda Lauder, ISBN: 978-0-7858-2671-2

Corsets. Historical Patterns & Techniques, Jill Salen, ISBN: 978-0-89676-261-9

Creating Historical Clothes. Pattern Cutting 16th – 19th C., Elizabeth Friendship, ISBN: 978-0-89676-285-5

Death Head Buttons, Norman H. Fuss, ISBN: 978-0-9745489-0-6

Draping Period Costumes. Classical Greek to Victorian, Sharon Sobel, ISBN: 978-0-240-82133-7

Draping. The Complete Course, Karolyn Kiisel, ISBN: 978-1-78067-286-1

Eccentric Glamour, Simon Doonan, ISBN: 978-1-4165-3544-7

Eiropas Modes Vēsture, 18. – 20. gs., Aleksandrs Vasiļjevs, ISBN: 978-9934-11-686-5

Elegance. A Complete Guide To Every Woman Who Wants To Be Well And Properly Dressed On All Occasions, Genevieve Antoine Dariaux. 1964

Embroidered Portraits, jan Messent, ISBN: 978-1-84448-741-7

Fabric For Fashion. The complete Guide, Clive Hallet & Amanda Johnston, ISBN: 978-1-78067-334-9

Fabric For Fashion. The Swatch Book, Clive Hallet & Amanda Johnston, 978-1-78067-233-5

Famous Frocks. The Little Black Dress, Dolin Bliss O’Shea, ISBN: 978-1-4521-2365-3

Fashion. A History from 18th C. – 20th C., The Kyoto Costume Institute, Vol.1 & 2, ISBN: 978-3-8228-2763-5

Fashion Plates. 150 Years Of Style, ISBN: 978-0-300-19770-9

Fashion Victims. The Dangers Of Dress In Past and Present, Alison Mathews David, ISBN: 978-1-84520-449-5

Floral Frocks, Rosemary Harden & Jo Turney, ISBN: 978-1-85149-538-2

French Fashion Illustrations of the Twenties, ISBN: 0-486-25458-5

Gertie’s New Book For Better Sewing, Gretchen Hirsch, ISBN: 978-1-58479-991-7

Grow Your Handmade Business, Kari Chapin, ISBN: 978-1-60342-989-4

Hats, Clair Hughes, ISBN: 978-0-85785-161-1

Historic Costumes And How To Make Them, Mary Fernald & E. Shenton, ISBN: 978-0-486-44906-7

How To Be A Victorian, Ruth Goodman, ISBN: 978-0-670-92136-2

How To Read A Dress, 16th – 20th C., Lydia Edwards, ISBN: 978-1-4725-3327-2

How To Use, Adapt And Design Sewing Patterns, Lee Hollahan, ISBN: 978-1-4081-2000-2

Lingerie Design. A Complete Course, Pamela Powell, ISBN: 978-1-78067-791-0

Miniature Needle Painting Embroidery. Vintage Portraits, Florals And Birds, Trish Burr, ISBN: 978-1-86351-470-5

Pattern Magic 2, Tomoko Nakamichi, ISBN: 978-1-85669-706-4

Patternmaking For A Perfect Fit, Stefani Lincecum, ISBN: 978-0-8230-2666-1

Patterns Of Fashion 1. 1660-1860. Janet Arnold, ISBN: 978-0-896-76026-4

Patterns Of Fashion 2. 1860-1940, Janet arnold, ISBN: 0-89676-027-8

Sew Wonderful Silk, Cheryl Arrants & Jan Asbjornsen, ISBN: 0-943704-02-2

Sewing Lingerie, ISBN: 0-86573-261-2

Sewing Vintage Modern, Nora Abousteit, ISBN: 978-0-307-58675-9

Stays & Corsets. Historical Patterns Translated for the Modern Body, Mady Barrington, ISBN: 978-1-138-01823-5

Stila Un Modes Enciklopēdija, Edīte Parute, ISBN: 978-9934-11-145-7

Stitches In Time. The Story Of The Clothes We Wear, Lucy Adlington, ISBN: 978-1-8479-4726-0

Studio Secrets Millinery, Estelle Ramousse, Fabienne Gambrelle, ISBN: 987-1-84448-505-5

Support And Seduction. A History of Corsets And Bras (It’s actually a Good picture book but Bad history book), Beatrice Fontanel, ISBN: 0-8109-4086-8

Šūšanas Rokasgrāmata, Lora Naita, ISBN: 978-9934-0-1170-2

Tailoring, The Classic Guide To Sewing The Perfect Jacket, ISBN: 978-1-58923-609-7

The Art Of Manipulating Fabric, Collete Wolff, ISBN-13: 978-0-8019-8496-9

The Art Of The Mantua Maker: 1870-1879, Deb Salisbury, ISBN: 978-1-50283-200-9

The Basics Of Corset Building. A Handbook For Beginners, Linda Sparks, ISBN: 978-0-312-53573-5

The Bra Makers Manual 1

The Bra Makers Manual 2

The Complete Guide To Perfect Fitting, Sarah Veblen, ISBN: 978-1-58923-608-0

The Corset. A Cultural History, Valerie Steele, ISBN: 978-0-300-09953-9

The Costume History. Auguste Racinet, ISBN: 978-3-8365-5540-1

The Embroidery Bible, Betty Barnden, ISBN: 978-0-87349-510-3

The Fashion Designer’s Textile Directory, Gail Baugh, ISBN: 978-0-7641-4628-2

The Handmade Marketplace, Kari Chapin, ISBN: 978-1-61212-335-6

The Pictorial Encyclopedia Of Fashion, 1966

The Lingerie Handbook, Rebecca Apsan, ISBN: 978-0-7611-4323-9

The Stocking Book, ISBN: 978-1-906506-08-7

The Victorian Dressmaker, Izabela Pitcher, Prior Attire, 2018

The Victorian Flower Dictionary. The Language Of Flowers, Mandy Kirkby, ISBN: 978-0-345-53286-2

The Victorian Home. Kathryn Ferry, ISBN: 978-0-74780-748-3

The Vogue Sewing Book, Edited by Paricia Perry, 1970

The Worlds Most Influential Fashion Designers, Noel Palomo–Lovinski, ISBN-13: 978-0-7641-6357-9

Unmentionable. The Victorian Lady’s Guide To Sex, Marriage & Manners, Therese Oneill, ISBN: 978-0-316-35790-6

Victorian Babylon. People, Streets, Images in 19th C. London, Lynda Nead, ISBN: 978-0-300-10770-8

Victorian Secrets. What A Corset Taught Me About The Past, The Present, And Myself, Sarah A. Chrisman, ISBN: 978-1-63220-636-7

Vintage Clothing 1880 – 1980, Maryanne Dolan, ISBN: 0-89689-109-7

Vintage Lingerie, Jill Salen, ISBN: 978-0312-64539-7

Vintage Swimwear. Historical Patterns & Techniques, Jill Salen, ISBN: 978-1-84994-061-0

What People Wore, Ancient times – 20th C., Douglas Gorsline, ISBN: 0-486-28162-0

1000 Dessous. A History  of Lingerie, Gilles Neret, ISBN: 9783836505086


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